Lantern Festival 2017.

Thursday 09/02/2017 saw the start of the annual lantern festival here in the domain of Auckland City , (New Zealand) , now in its 18th year is visited by more than 200,000 people over the 4 days with the first day being lanterns only , the next 3 days has many activities , cultural groups , lots of food and ending on the sunday night with a huge fireworks display , (which living only five minutes walk away i can watch from the balcony) , I went on thursday to watch the Deputy Prime Minister and Chinese Consulate -General open the festival .untitled-9

Alot of work has gone into these lanterns and are quite spectacular at night …lantern-col

Friady , Saturday and Sunday evenings saw the sound stage light up with various cultural groups and bands from China and local , Nair Ensemble , Shanghai Shangwu Group and many others , the biggest was Ashar Grey Wolf  (Asias Pink Floyd) , who rocked the field..lantern-col2

Food wise there was a large selection  ,Japanese , Mexican , but most were Chinese , and they were hard at work for most of the night with very long lines waiting to buy …lantern-col3

This festival is increasing with every year , seeing the amount of people streaming past our place I would have to say there would be more than ever , just waiting tonight for the big finale fire works !!…untitled-25

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